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So we have made it through another season of Lent and Holy Week will soon fade into distant memory.  Tonight we waited in darkness and then cried out Alleluia and celebrated the first Eucharist of Easter.   The stone is rolled away, Christ is risen, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia.

Well that is all well and good for those of us who are at a point on our journey of faith to accept an empty tomb and a risen Lord.   But lets remember that it took the disciples time to accept and to believe.

So as we ring bells, fill our churches with fragrant flowers and celebrate, let us not forget those who still doubt.  Those who peep into the empty tomb and have questions.

Today should not belong to the exclusive believers club, it should be the day when the members of the exclusive believers club continue the hard work of living the Gospel of Love, meeting people on the road, and reaching out to those who have questions.

Happy WORKING Easter Day, may you share the blessings that you receive with those who need to receive.



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  1. Phillip Loveless

    Richard: Thank you for your post, I was moved by your words. It’s about 7am as I write this and just getting ready to go to 8am service. It does feel like a work day, and yes somehow I have been sucked into to the good’old boys club. Now that you have reminded me of this I will make a effort to talk to my street friends this morning. Blessings Phil


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