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So here we go


The old blog has been archived and so here is the chance to start with a clean slate.  

After an almost twenty year journey the Bishop of San Diego, last week, made me a Postulant for Holy Orders in the episcopal diocese of San Diego.   For the next three plus years I will enter a period of structured formation centered around the new diocesan School for Ministry.  I strongly feel that I have a call to the Bivocational Priesthood.   What is the bivocational priesthood?  That is a question that I have discerned greatly over the past year and will continue to discern in the future.  But for the purpose of this introduction it means that I feel called to continue to be employed in my secular job both whilst training and ultimately exercising a ministry as a priest.

What do I aim to achieve with this blog?  I want to record my thoughts and reflections as I move through this season of formation.  Write about some of the books that I am reading, both secular and as part of my training.  I’m sure other things will come to mind as time goes by.

About 15 years about I really was into the Star Trek franchise Voyager.   It comes to mind now.  Voyager had a history before the TV series started, but as viewers, we joined it as it was flung to the other side of the galaxy and we followed it as it journeyed home.  On its way it encountered strange new worlds, new life-forms, battled with enemies old and new, and it was a trailblazer with its first female captain.

My journey to ordination to the priesthood feels a little like that.  A journey home.