The dictionary says what I did, and plan to do, is bad but I feel liberated

For 41 years I have resisted writing in books, even text books.   I have used post-it-notes, sheets of paper and a few other things but before now I have never defaced a book.

Times are changing.  That’s what the Diocesan School for Ministry does for you.

de·face  (d-fs)

tr.v. de·facedde·fac·ingde·fac·es

1. To mar or spoil the appearance or surface of; disfigure.
2. To impair the usefulness, value, or influence of.
3. Obsolete To obliterate; destroy.

[Middle English defacen, from Old French desfacier : des-de- + faceface; see face.]

de·facea·ble adj.
de·facement n.
de·facer n.

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